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West Midlands Walks | Badger Dingle

Set just outside of Bridgnorth in a little village called Badger, is a hidden gem of a place to take the kids to. A trail takes you down to a wooded walk, overhung by trees and bracken to forage for blackberries. Nooks and crannies hide away from the path for little explorers to source. And a waterfall, stands front and centre, waiting for a hot day and paddling children to enjoy it’s torrents of water.
West Midlands Walks | Badger Dingle.

The Hamlet of Badger

Badger is a small rural hamlet, just outside of Shropshire. It has a population of just 140 people, facilities are basic and so parking is sparse. We parked on a grass verge, just by the footpath signs to the Dingle on Badger Lane. OS Grid Ref: SO 76774 99496. The best postcode I can find is WV6 7JX, which gets you to Badger. Follow Badger Lane until you see the small sign for the village, and park opposite. You will see the footpath signposts on either side of the road. Take the footpath on the opposite side of the Badger sign to get down to the Dingle.

Straight away you should hear water rushing. The trail leads down and into the woodland. To your right, hunt out the opening in the trees. A blackness greets you, blocked off for any deeper access. Shining our phone torches did nothing to light up what was down there. I’ll let your imagination run away with you! This is, I believe, an ice house, which housed ice formed by the brook. It kept ice cold for months, long after the brook had defrosted.

Finding The Pools

The brook was dammed in the 1800’s to make 2 pools and a small waterfall, a feature which was welcomed in the stuffy heat of the day. The kids wanted to investigate, but we thought it best to leave it until we were headed back. Nothing like water in your shoes to spoil a walk!

A 2 mile walk leads around the pools. A little overgrown now, but accessible and interesting. A folly called the rotunda sits by the upper pool, sadly a little run down, but nice enough to take a break. See if you can spot the ‘Bird House’ too, sitting in the trees.

Down The Falls

The path doesn’t cross the pools but loops back on itself. We made our way back to the waterfall, the kids quickly stripping off their shoes and testing the water for it’s toe-numbing qualities. Apparently, it wasn’t too bad! We caught the falls after a few hot days so the water levels were quite low, compared to other pictures I have seen. The kids started at the top and walked down the waterfall itself, trying not to slip on the rocks. Pleased with their little escapade, they then tried to balance across the log that has fallen across the brook.

We stayed and paddled, a few other people joining us and milling around. The Dingle seems to attract amateur photographers, probably because of how accessible the waterfall is. You can get very close with the cameras.

Badger Dingle is a wonderful little place to explore, even better on a hot day when you can cool off by the waterfall. I wouldn’t recommend taking a dip in the pools though, they are quite green and algae infested!

I wouldn’t say this is very accessible for wheels, but it is quiet enough where little ones can toddle around; just be careful by the waters edge.

Please, please be mindful of the residents in Badger, and of the parking suitability. Use good judgement when leaving your car as the lanes are quite narrow!

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