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July Round Up

July Round up

The summer has arrived. Gradually the temperature has increased over the month and the 6 weeks holidays have begun. Read our July round up to see how we started them off!

At the start of July, the kids were treated to a day at the seaside with their Nan, while Dicky and I enjoyed a whole night and a day together!

Saturday 6th July

I finished work at 4 o’clock on Saturday. We headed straight to Llyn Gwynant campsite on which we had a booking for one night with an electric hookup. We arrived just after 8, to a busy camp site with fantastic views over Llyn Gwynant lake. The tent was erected and we treated ourselves to a burrito and a pizza for our tea. Our nights sleep was very comfortable without little legs and arms flailing around everywhere!

Sunday 7th July

We woke to midges! Lots and lots of midges! Bacon and sausages were on the menu for breakfast before the tent was packed away ready for our day up Snowdon. We had attempted a climb back in October and couldn’t quite hit the summit due to the weather, and we had the kids with us too. We decided to retrace our steps back up the Miners Track to see just how far we had gotten previously. The weather was beautiful, perhaps a little too hot (!), as we made our way through the beautiful surroundings.

At the summit, the fog cleared to give us perfect views of the valleys around us. We realised that in October, we had literally been 10 minutes from the top! Frustrating, but it was the right decision at the time. Today, we visited the café and had a well earned hot dog and cup of tea! We took our time at the top before slowly making our way back down the PYG track. It was hard work due to the heat, but the experience was incredible. Snowdon is a giant of a mountain and it felt good to conquer it.

My mom kept us updated with the kids beach day, where they enjoyed fish and chips on the sand and drained my mom’s bank account at the fair!

Sunday 14th July

A day at home was needed to recharge our batteries. We have been so busy lately so it’s nice to take a day for ourselves once in a while. We had attended a party the night before, so everybody had a nice lie-in! I batch cooked lots of meals for the week ahead, while Dicky took Oliver out to Cannock Chase on his bike. Oliver has become very confident on his bike and enjoyed the one-on-one time with his dad.

Sunday 21st July

Cabin fever set in and so we took a walk through Cannock Chase to find their trig point. Turns out, we didn’t have to walk very far at all! The trig point is 10 steps from where we parked! We explored a new area of Cannock chase and had a picnic, testing out our new #gifted honeywraps. As the turn towards a low plastic lifestyle is becoming more prevalent, the wraps are an ideal starting point. The picnic was lovely and a quiet walk through the woods was enjoyed by all. At the end of the day, the kids got their bikes out in the back garden. Finley mastered the art of riding while Molly tok her stabilisers off and gave it 100%. The determination on that girl was amazing! I’m sure she will grasp it any day now.

The 6 week holidays have now begun!

I don’t usually have much time off when it comes to the kids being off school. We are both full time workers so the 6 week holidays are a juggle, to say the least! I have managed to wangle a few days here and there to try and spend some time with the kids.

Thursday 25th July.

The hottest day of the year and I had arranged to take the kids to Himley Hall for a pirates and princesses trail that they were organising. Unfortunately, once we turned up, we were informed it had been cancelled. Instead, we wandered around the grounds trying to find some shade in the woodlands. We came across a giant lake, that lead to a stream and a waterfall which the kids delighted themselves with. Finley made lily pad boats and we played a few games of pooh-sticks. As we sat for our picnic, the ducks came over to greet us so we shared our sandwiches and made friends with the wildlife. Anybody who knows Finley, knows this made his day!

Sunday 28th July

Hikerkidz meet up number 3 was a success! 3 families and ourselves went for a walk through Padley Gorge in the Peak District. The day was set to be a disaster because of the rain, but it held off enough so that we could walk to Grindleford cafe and back before the torrential rain flooded in! The kids played and climbed, ran and explored, and had genuine outdoor fun. Maverick Snacks gifted a few munchies for us to fuel ourselves with which made for very happy children!

Monday 29th July

Oliver’s Birthday! The month ended with our eldest’s 10th birthday. There’s something about double figures that makes him seem like such an older child all of a sudden! He had a wonderful day, just chilling out. We don’t do that very often so it was a nice treat for him. We ended the day with his favourite carvery, and, of course, cake!

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