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How To Have a Happy Blue Monday

Did you know that the colour blue signifies trust and loyalty? It has a calming effect on our psyche and gives us peace. Blue makes us feel confident and secure. Whoever used the phrase Blue Monday needs to look at it in a different context! Here are a few ways that the colour blue can help us.

How to have a Happy Blue Monday

  1. Look at the sky. See how beautiful it is. Blue is beautiful. The blue of the sky can reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Water. Listen to a waterfall. Blue is beautiful. The noise of water flowing is calming to our senses.
  3. More water. Have a bath. Go for a swim. Relax and float around.
  4. Blue Chamomile Oil. This has a calming effect on our body and mind, reducing irritability.
  5. Blueberries! Blueberries keep our digestive system happy and are a natural anti-oxidant.

So there we are. A few ways to keep happy on the day dubbed ‘Blue Monday’. A day that is supposedly the worst day in January, for people worrying about money, health, family and anything else that life throws at you.

I hope most of you will see that it is just like any other day, and not to get too hung up on the title it has been given.

I wish you all happiness, health and a wonderful year of adventures.

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