Honeywrap review.

Honeywrap review.

As the turn towards low plastic living becomes more prevalent, I am aware of how much we use in our daily lives. Our packed lunches and picnics are definitely an area we need to improve on.

Too much single use.

Daily, the kids take packed lunches to school. Usually, once a week, we take our lunch with us on a hike or a day out.

I had made the swap from foil and sandwich bags to plastic Tupperware, but became paranoid that it still wasn’t enough!

Honeywrap save the day!

That’s where Honeywrap came in. They are a natural solution and a space saver to beat!

Honeywraps are made out of GOTS certified organic cotton, blended with a mix of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. They keep food fresher for longer and food tastes just as good as it should. The beeswax coating allows food to breathe which helps the food stay fresh.

The beeswax creates a tacky cloth which is molded by the heat of your hands around the food. If you pop it in the fridge once wrapped, the cloth will harden and stay sealed for longer.

Honeywraps can last up to a year as they are washable in cold water and a bit of washing up liquid.

They come in a range of sizes. We tried the small, medium and large, and they held 4 sandwiches and some sticks of veg! The designs are all different and hopefully bold enough that the kids won’t throw them away with their other rubbish!

Honeywrap review conclusion.

Overall, I am very happy with Honeywrap and will be purchasing more for when the kids go back to school. I feel more confident that our environmental impact will be lower and also the kids are learning good lessons by taking them for lunch.

We were gifted Honeywrap for the purpose of trying them out on one of our many picnics and providing an honest review! (On Instagram) I didn’t have to write a blog post, but felt the product was worthy of one!

You can buy Honeywrap in the UK from the Green Group Collective or straight from New Zealand at www.honeywrap.nz!

15 thoughts on “Honeywrap review.

  1. I love the look of these honeywraps! How pretty are the designs and of course – so much better than using tin foil or cling film for sandwiches and other lunchbox goodies. I’ve got a thing about wet bread 🀒πŸ₯΄. Do you know if they are good at keeping moisture at bay?

    1. They are perfect for keeping moisture away. I also hate soggy sandwiches and I worried also. But it keeps them lovely and fresh, no soppy sandwiches!

  2. love the idea of a reusable wrap ! also the patterns are so pretty ! i be checking them as soon as i finish typing this comment as we often go on picnicks etc so anything reusable is a win win for us

  3. I’ve really been wanting to try some beeswax wraps, everyone seems to be recommending them. But there are so many different brands and sizes around, I’ve been paralysed by indecision.

    1. There are certainly becoming popular. I would recommend bigger rather than smaller. There’s not much room in the smaller ones for a variety of foods.

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