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February 2021 Round Up

Boring. Monotonous. Stale. Lifeless. Dull. Tedious. I think that sums up the February 2021 round up! Although short, the month has been mundane. The days merge into one, with going to the shop being the only outing I marginally look forward to.

But, I’m in that stalemate, where I’m excruciatingly bored, and staying in for one more day is akin to me pulling out my own eyeballs, yet I’m THAT bored, I can’t be bothered to do anything else. What is wrong with me?!

A Positive Start

The month started out positive for Finley. He had his cast off, properly this time! His little arm looked so skinny, and it was in a good need of a wash. Sadly, he cannot go on his beloved trampoline for a few more weeks, but he felt relived to be free of the cast.

Our routine has stayed the same as January. Myself at work on Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays, with the kids in school Tuesday and Friday. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are for home learning, with the weekends for playing and relaxing. The routine is working OK, I feel, but the monotony of it is getting to me a little bit. Fear of going out anywhere, for either being judged, or being fined from the police from being too far from home.

So, we stayed very close to home and adventured down the local canal, doing some litter picking along the way. We collected sticks and twigs for a combined school project and worked together making it.

We had a few ‘relaxed’ school days, in which the kids were crafty, instead of studious, and put their imaginations into theatrical performances, drawing comics and baking sweet treats. Yummy.

It Snowed!

A lot. And it went very cold. The fresh air was welcome after a hard half day at home school. The canal showed it’s winter colours, completely frozen and bouncing the light beautifully. Just a quick wander outside makes the difficulties disappear for a while.

A Local Trig

Half term came and went very quickly. Usually we would be at National Trust properties, but alas, we are not able to do that. We looked on OS Maps and discovered that a trig was within walking distance to us. So we pulled on our walking shoes and went to explore. We couldn’t actually see the trig as it is on top of a reservoir building. But it was good to mooch around and walk a part of our local area that we hadn’t been to before.

As well as trig hunting, we went grave cleaning. Family members are settled in the local crematorium so we said hello and put some flowers down for them. We took a trip down memory lane and shared some tales with the kids.

New Opportunities

February ended on new opportunities as I secured myself a new job. Exciting prospects with a better future for the family. I am a bit more hopeful for 2021 and will continue to try and remain positive that we can enable a sense of normality soon.

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