Charity Challenge 2018

Charity Challenge 2018

What are we doing?

We’ve decided to take on a challenge. Not only for ourselves but also for a good cause. The back story is that I saw a trekking challenge whereby you can trek across the Peak District over so many hours and so many miles. ‘Great!’ I thought, I’ll sign us up. Little did I know it came with an entrance fee of about £120 per person plus a minimum amount for fundraising. Now, I’m all for raising money for a worthy cause but I couldn’t justify paying all that money to walk across somewhere that is essentially free. Plus, there was no mention of whether children would be readily accepted to do it.

So, we’re doing it ourselves.

Saturday October 13th 2018, myself, my husband, our 3 children (aged 9,6,5), my mother and my brother will walk 10 miles (or thereabouts) from Ladybower reservoir to Kinder Scout in the Peak District to raise money for Birmingham Children’s hospital. We are camping at Fieldhead campsite for one night only and will be walking back on a slightly different route on Sunday 14th. Our sleeping equipment, clothes and food is being carried on our backs, the kids have their own little rucksacks all ready to go. We will keep it as light as possible but not depriving ourselves too much of our basic needs.

Why are we walking?

Our eldest son was born with a minor eye condition albeit a bit rare so we were sent to Birmingham Children’s Hospital for his treatment. Over the course of his 9 years we have had bi-annual appointments and 4 surgeries to date. The care has been fantastic, especially from his surgeon, Dr Parulekar.

The waiting room has always been a little bit dire in the eye department so I wanted the money to go to improvements there. Typically, we went for an appointment the other week, and hey presto, they’ve drastically overturned the waiting area! The money raised will still go to the eye department as considering a lot of childhood diseases come with associated eye problems, the eye department is one of the smallest and neglected parts of the hospital.


If all goes well and we enjoy the challenge then we are thinking about making it an annual event, maybe in different parts of the U.K. with varying degrees of difficulty. But I think I should see how this one goes first before I go jumping into making any promises!

I wanted to give the kids a sense of purpose and also to know that sometimes walking doesn’t just have to be about the destination. Sometimes it can be about the challenge. We will spread the word and try and get as much sponsorship as possible for a great hospital which is quite close to our hearts.

If you would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated.

Click here to donate.



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