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Becoming A Champion

Wow. What a wild start to 2020 this has been. We started with wild aspirations, adventures booked for months to come, and the excitement of finding out if we were to become a #GetOutside champion for Ordnance Survey.

Becoming a Champion

February 14th brought us the fantastic news that we were, in fact, selected to be among the great adventurers of our country and be a Champion Family.

More plans started to accumulate. Then COVID-19 struck. The whole world shut down.

Plans are now cancelled. Holidays postponed. Festivals refunded. 2020 is empty.

The Small Things

But we can’t let this defeat us. As the whole world is slowing down, we are now appreciating the smaller things in life. Birds are singing, and we can hear them because there is less traffic. Noise pollution is lower. Air pollution is lower. The air we breathe is cleaner. Our outdoor spaces are still there to be discovered. It’s just that now, we have to stay local.

The Rules

Government guidelines state we can have a single visit to the outdoors per day, as long as we don’t travel by transport other than our feet.

We must stay 2 metres away from anybody who is not in our household.

Unfortunately for little ones, play parks are shut and ideally you don’t want to be touching the exercise equipment.

When you return home, wash your hands (with soap for 20 seconds).

Keeping The Magic

So what can we do to keep the magic of the outdoors alive? Well, we can do our gardens. I bet after this lock down, everybody will have pristine lawns and straight flower beds! We can litter pick. We can explore our neighborhood and the streets around us.

You can go out and just walk. The mountains will always be there to be climbed. Forests will be overgrown and full of magic when this is all over.

And we will be here. Trying to encourage children outdoors in any weather, day or night, lock down or none.

We will help you #GetOutside.

For #GetOutsideInside inspiration, please have a look at the Ordnance Survey website. There are lots of ideas to keep active and connected to the outdoors. Some are barmy, and others are just plain fun!

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